CX Platform Business Case Advisory

Hearth & Home Technologies

Hearth and Home Technologies (HHT) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fireplaces, heating stoves, and hearth products. HHT has been in business for over 35 years and has acquired over 15 different brands to acquire market share, innovation, and leading technology in the space.

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  • HHT’s CX department was dependent on an Avaya system with months-long leads times for basic improvements in the customer experience
  • Support agents take 6+ months to be proficient and work out 10+ systems
  • No telephony & Salesforce integration for case routing, screen pops, or reporting
  • There was no management visibility into customer demand across voice, chat, and e-mail and reporting was fragmented, time-consuming, and incomplete
  • The company is strategically moving towards eCommerce and a heavier B2C mix, but they aren’t equipped to support customers today due to these limitations

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Karla Ekdahl

Director of Customer Experience

Hearth & Home Technologies


HHT has advocated for funding to move to a cloud-based SaaS solution for 3 years. HHT chose Five9 in their evaluation, but were unable to quantify the business benefits to secure funding for the project.


CXponent identified a conservative estimate of $2.5M in net return within 3 years over 4 CX use cases. We then confirmed those use cases through interviews, process reviews, and product and capabilities validation through Five9’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform.

The CCaaS platform will provide Hearth and Home Technology with a Salesforce integrated omni-channel solution that will allow them to better manage the customer experience across all channels. Five9’s products include tools to improve agent productivity and operational efficiencies, including workflow automation, real-time monitoring, and reporting.


Increased Technology Certainty

HHT, like most buyers, understood where there were opportunities to drive efficiencies. CXponent connected the dots between product capabilities, how much they’ll cost to own & implement, and the feasibility of the operational changes needed to execute.

Clear Implementation Priorities

The entire implementation teams spanning executives through the core delivery team is aligned on the priority use cases that will drive maximum benefit.

No Advisory Cost to Hearth and Home

As a part of Five9’s partner ecosystem, HHT selected CXponent to provide business case advisory services valued over $30k.