What is CXponent?

At our core, we help you buy and implement new technology. We aim to increase buying confidence with deep expertise in matching our client’s needs to the right vendor in a crowded marketplace. And after you make the purchase, our skilled Project Managers make sure you get every ounce of value from your new solution.

We work with mid-market and growth organizations, including new leaders in the insurance, financial services, healthcare, SaaS and retail industries.

Our mission is to connect and protect people wherever they are.

We do this by helping you focus on the communication layer of your company’s IT. The communication layer of the technology stack is the integrated software, infrastructure, and services for delivering your Customer Experience (CX) and the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). CX is built for external communication like customer service, sales, and account management, while the DEX foundation is the collaboration and security software and network infrastructure required to deliver a seamless Digital Employee Experience remotely or in an office.

Is CXponent a broker?

This is like improv – we’re going to answer with a “yes, AND.”

Yes, we broker and negotiate deals, AND we do much more than that.

We are part of an indirect channel ecosystem that many IT buyers are unaware of. This ecosystem was created with Customer Experience in mind and incentives are structured to be aligned to positive client outcomes. We find that deals that run through this indirect channel get installed faster, have higher CSAT, higher reference rates, higher renewal rates, and higher product expansion when there are partners like us who are good at aligning interests between clients and vendors and making both sides easier to do business with.

We meet you wherever you are in the process of buying complex tech.

  • Navigating the vendor marketplace
  • Designing and validating new software
  • Implementation planning, program management and operating model.

We can help with those and many other gaps in the buying journey.

How does CXponent differ from a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or a consultant?

CXponent helps you buy and set up the best solution possible for your team. We give you the information you need to find products, validate tools, build business cases, and prepare for implementation. 

Unlike a VAR, we don’t stick to a specific niche technology, we don’t sell hardware, and we don’t jam a specific tool on you. Unlike traditional consultants, we don’t rely on continual SOWs and platform complexity to make money. And, different from consultants, we operate on a model of shared trust – we’re there when you need us.  

Can I still work with the vendors I am already considering?

Of course – if you’re already in the middle of the buying process with a specific vendor, we can work with them without disrupting pricing, commissions, or your vendor team. 

How does CXponent stay vendor neutral?

Our goal is to find the best possible vendor for our clients’ needs. This means we don’t push for specific vendors, tools, or solutions. We work through the indirect channel, which gives us access to thousands of vendor teams at no cost to you. If you’‘d like to learn more about the channel, you can read more here.

We’re far along in our process, what value can you still add? How will bringing in a third party save our company time?

CXponent is a technology partner, not solely a broker (although we can act as a broker, if needed/wanted). Even if you’ve already found the perfect solution, there are many ways we add value.  CXponent validates technical designs, accelerates contract negotiations, and helps you prepare for implementation.

If you’ve already bought your new technical solution, that’s great too. Our implementation expertise means we can help you get your solution up and running in record time.

What role should my company plan on playing in the buying process?

CXponent is your partner – we augment gaps on your team to give you confidence in your purchase. We don’t ram you into a rigid consulting process. Instead, Our SOWs are fully customizable to meet your needs. From quick technical validation to months-long management of every aspect of the buying process, CXponent is ready. Take on what you’re comfortable with – we’ve got the rest.

Can I still work with the direct sales organization of the vendors I am considering?

Of course! Projects are time-sensitive and we preach forward progression at all times. If you already have a vendor and/or a specific sales rep you want to work with, we can work with them without any fear of disrupting their sale or commission.

How does CXponent's business model work?

CXponent operates in the indirect channel. This connects us to thousands of technology vendors, spanning the entire ecosystem of cloud technology. This channel also gives us access to special vendor resources we use to help you buy and implement better. Finally, we get paid through the channel, meaning that the vendor pays for our services, not you. Read more about the channel here.


Still have questions? Great. Check out our explainer video (~90 seconds). And, if you want to set up a time to discuss any other questions you might have, please reach out and set up a call.