Wherever you are at in your purchasing journey,

CXponent can help.

We offer advisory services throughout the three crucial phases of a purchase.
However, if you would like support in one or two specific phases,
we have offerings for that as well as the ability to create customized projects.

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Looking for tech category specific service packages?

Once you’ve identified where you are at,

our offerings are organized by stage of the journey.

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Free Assessment Workshop

1.5 Hour Consultation & Report

In this 1.5 hour workshop, CXponent will work with your team to understand where you are at now and where you want to go. After your session, we will prepare a report for you that identifies your strengths, gaps, skills you will need on your team, risks, and the path forward.


Research Request

Gather relevant research that goes a layer deeper and more specific than Gartner. Take advantage of CXponent’s experience and industry knowledge to save yourself and your team time spent researching, sorting and analyzing through similar marketing collateral and contradicting industry research.

Typical products for this offering:

CX: CCaaS – Customer Journey Orchestration, Outbound Dialer, Conversational Analytics, Self-Service Capabilities

Hybrid Work from Anywhere/DEX: UCaaS, Desktop as a Service/VDI,

Cloud & Managed Security: Zero-Trust Network Access; DDoS Mitigation; Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Business Case

Budgeting and Planning

CXponent can quickly gather the key information your team needs for budgeting and planning your upcoming technology investment. We will prepare a project budget estimate that takes into account the total cost of ownership as well as an outline of the expected business benefits.

Cost Reduction Assessment/Tech Stack Audit

Our team will audit and review the current spend of your tech stack, usually with some focus in a category or function. We will then identify opportunities for optimization and savings. This package pairs well with our Advisory services.

Typical products for this offering:

Customer Experience Tech Stack, Security, Network & Voice (WAN and Mobile)


Brokerage Desk

Do you know what you need, but don’t have the time to find relevant vendors and solutions? CXponent can help your team overcome the biggest disadvantages that occasional tech buyers have: the lack of expertise when dealing with full-time sellers.

Take advantage of CXponent’s experience and industry knowledge to save yourself and your team time and money when trying to close a deal.


Typical products for this offering:

CX: ACD/IVR, Auto-QA, Digital Channels (Web, e-mail, Mobile, SMS, Social), Branded Caller ID,

Hybrid Work from Anywhere/DEX: UCaaS, Desktop as a Service/VDI,

Cloud & Managed Security: Zero-Trust Network Access; DDoS Mitigation;

WAN & Data Center Infrastructure: WAN and Cloud Circuits, Colocation, Expense Management

Strategic Sourcing –

RFP Lite all the way to Full RFP

With our strategic sourcing services package, you get end-to-end support or you can customize a package that focuses on specific areas of the buying journey. Our experts seamlessly integrate with your team, giving you the knowledge and expertise you need to buy with confidence. Let’s talk and create a plan that works for your team and goals.


Typical products for this offering:

Can apply to any category, but evaluations get more complex when they consist of multiple variations of products:

Typical Platform Evaluans; CCaaS – Customer Journey Orchestration, UCaaS, SASE & Network Transformation, Managed Security Services (MDR & SOC)

Deploy & Operate

Project Readiness

Before you get started on your deployment, make sure you are prepared and understand where there might be obstacles.

When you partner with CXponent, we will do an implementation readiness assessment that will identify risks and blind spots to help you create a plan to deploy successfully.


Project Mobilization

Understand the unique business-driven technology needs by creating visibility, structure, and effective communication during implementation. Leverage CXponent’s experience, market knowledge, and relationships to identify potential risks and opportunities regarding stakeholder expectations, organizational alignment, and timeline to meet executives.

Ensure the timelines for the reach project are being met to ensure accurate tracking of the financial metrics needed for continued successful funding of the project and assurance of benefits realization.

Program Management

With our program management plan, we will partner with you to oversee the management of the deployment plan. We’ll customize our PMO role based on your needs across Change Communications, IT-Business alignment, Executive Steering & governance, financial reporting, and more.

We will act as members of your team to drive effective implementation, change management, and adoption with your team while managing the interactions with the vendor.

Tech Category Specific Service Packages

CX & Contact Center

API Integration Assessment 

Requirements Review & Recommendations – One of the most commonly overlooked components of an evaluation is being specific enough on your primary App Integration requirements.

CXponent can document and refine your requirements and expectations for Application Integrations to put more accountability on the vendors when committing to integration capabilities.

Contact Center and CX Assessments

We partner with specialized products and Management Consulting firms to deliver assessments at different layers of depth in the following areas;

  • Call Deflection Analysis, Automation, WFM, QA Program quality, Conversational Analytics Assessment, and Operational Reporting

Cloud & Network Security

SASE WAN Roadmap

An advisory assessment that will gather your current state maturity, outline your future architecture, and frame out phases of your SASE architecture journey as a roadmap for adoption. There’s often an opportunity to fund these projects through network optimization.

Security Risk Management Assessment

Through a Cybersecurity lens, we will review and provide recommendations on your Strategy, Technology Stack, Processes (including controls), Compliance, and Operations.

DDoS Market Analysis

A rising attack surface for ransomware, DDoS Mitigation services are still underutilized with differing cost models; we can provide quick insights into what that means for you.

Retained Advisory

CXponent can act as a retained advisor to your team for your fractional CIO needs as well as M&A IT advisory needs.

Preferred Consultant Network

Work with CXponent to find a qualified, proven consultant. We have an extensive list of people we know and trust who can help you with myriad projects and processes.