When it comes to finding the right technology for your company, there are two major components from CXponent’s perspective in ensuring a good match and therefore a successful buying cycle – making sure there is harmony between the needs and values of our client partners and our vendor partners. Ensuring aligned values and needs at the outset between all the constituents is the foundation for success no matter the scope of the engagement. In this blog post, we’ll explore these areas further – looking at criteria on both sides that can ensure a successful collaboration during each stage throughout an entire project lifecycle.

Client-Side Considerations
At CXponent, we specialize in helping our clients with a wide range of projects that require a deep understanding of complex and dynamic ecosystems. Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to tackle anything from a simple purchase project with tight timelines, to more intensive shared services organizations. We understand that it can be difficult for companies to manage these types of projects on their own, which is why we provide comprehensive solutions to meet any need.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled experts who understand the complexities of large-scale projects. We take great care to identify the right stakeholders and quickly assess each situation to create comprehensive strategies that are tailored to fit. Our clients appreciate our focus on speed and accuracy when developing an approach that works for them. Moreover, they trust us because they know that we are familiar withthe specific nuances of their industry and have the ability to use this knowledge when guiding them through their project.

We also specialize in assisting clients with tedious but important tasks that don’t necessarily drive value but could disrupt business if ignored. We have developed innovative solutions for managing and transforming shared services organizations so that all parties involved benefit from increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved outcomes. In addition, our team works diligently to ensure low risk and high levels of success by thoroughly assessing the risks associated with each project before moving forward.

Clients with needs in any of these areas who want a trusted advisor, specialized knowledge, and added capabilities match are the clients with whom we seek to align. As well as the clients who have the most success with a technology buying advisor like CXponent. Additionally, as we will explore in a moment, clients with these types of needs and projects match well with the carefully vetted group of vendors, we will be presenting as options for the pending purchase.

Vendor-Side Considerations
On the other side of the coin, we also understand that the vendors we bring to our clients to select amongst are going to be another crucial element of the overall project’s success. That’s why we look for vendors who demonstrate traits that our buyers can rely on and trust. We want to ensure that the vendors we match our clients with will be able to create value for them, as well as build and maintain a strong relationship based on mutual trust.

Our ideal vendor should also be curious and engaged in their client’s issues. They should be able to demonstrate understanding of the buyer’s priorities and have the ability to present trade-offs and contrasts clearly in order to make decisions easier. Additionally, they should be proactive in presenting problem-solving ideas, generous with their resources, respectful of time, open to admitting mistakes/accountable when necessary, and have the ability to steer clients and vendors towards being easier to do business with. Lastly, they should have an underlying sense of paranoia that drives issue resolution, as well as being able to rally and align resources quickly when needed.

We believe that by matching our clients with vendors who possess these qualities will help ensure that our buyers receive maximum value from the buying cycle. Our team is committed to finding buyers the right partners who demonstrate these traits — trusted professionals who value collaboration and understand what it takes to make customers successful throughout all phases of their purchasing journey.

At CXponent, we strive to provide exceptional service for every client regardless of their individual needs or circumstances. It’s important to remember that the success of a buying project depends on finding the right technology and aligning values between client partners, vendor partners, and in your Tech Buying Advisor – us!

Our team can help you make well-informed decisions for moving forward to obtain the solutions and service your company needs. By remaining transparent throughout every stage of your project, you can rest assured that we can bring your vision to life through harmonious vendor partnerships and client collaborations. With opportunities available across many different industries and applications, let CXponent help you achieve optimal results so you stay ahead of the trends in technology and ahead of expectations!

With our extensive experience in complex projects as well as our commitment to innovation, accuracy, speed and risk reduction – you can count on us as your trusted partner– book a free consultation with CXponent today! 

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