How can your call center build a customer-centric culture, experience, and reputation?

You could come up with a new call routing flow, better call deflection techniques, new talk track scripts, new targets and financial incentives, but those are workarounds, bandaids. Instead get to the heart of the issue. If you want to build a call center that consistently delivers outstanding customer results and furthers the relationship with your customers, the most direct path is by focusing on your call center agents’ experience in their role and within your organization.

How could that be? How could focusing on something that makes your agents’ work lives better and easier impact anything to do with customers?

Simple – Because of the Law of Congruent Experiences…

The Law of Congruent Experience 

Employees will deliver a customer experience that matches their own experience in the organization.

Indifferent employees mean indifferent customers. Disengaged employees put in minimal effort to take care of the customer. Customers respond in kind. In contrast, employees who are engaged and trust their employers will provide a great CX because they are more supported and energized at work. You don’t need to rely solely on call scripts or a patient’s bill of rights to keep them from damaging your brand. A terrific Employee Experience equals a superb, loyalty-winning, profit-creating customer experience. – Source

A group of unhappy and stressed employees in a conference room

It makes sense when you think about it. Your employees, especially those in the most customer-facing 

roles ARE the way most people experience your brand directly. The kind of interactions that leave an imprint and cause people to rave OR rant about your company. And, if the people in those roles are generally unhappy, stressed, or disengaged from their role, that angst will find its way into the interactions with your customers. 

That’s why when you are looking to purchase CCaaS tools and Digital Employee Experience tools we will advise you to consider this critical element in the purchasing process.  Because we understand that all the elements – internal aliA group of happy employees at their desks gnment, proper implementation, change management, and the user experience of the software are the ways that you will actually realize the cost-savings, CX improvement, additional revenue, and brand boost, you are more than likely searching for when looking for a CCaaS tool or replacement. 

CXponent is committed to partnering with you on your CCaaS buying journey. We can  help you with any or all of the following – identifying key opportunities for leverage, architecting custom solutions for your organization’s desired outcomes, defining the path forward, overseeing deployment and adoption, and supporting you every step of the way. That includes helping you vet which of the solutions you are considering will deliver the best internal agent experience for your team to help boost your customer experience! 

Benefits of Working With CXponent 

  • Faster and more efficient project & vendor validation and team alignment 
  • Create better leverage negotiating & managing IT partner vendor. 
  • Save Time: Reallocate scarce resources to high value activities and make faster decisions.
  • Reduce Risk: Eliminate poor vendor choices and unsuccessful implementations to avoid wasted time and resource costs. 

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