First Mid Bank

First Mid Bancshares, Inc.(NASDAQ: FMBH) is a holding company that operates a network of community banks and financial services companies and growing through M&A. FMB offers a full range of financial services, including commercial and retail banking, mortgages, wealth management, and insurance

Total assets: $6.7 B 1,200 Employees Total deposits: $5.3B 65 locations

FMB was on a system that was disrupting the business, but customer support leadership had many competing priorities, lacked expertise in CCaaS, and struggled to find the time and confidence to make a final selection between 3 RFP finalists.

CXponent reviewed FMB’s requirements and assumptions and executed a plan to finalize their vendor selection, which ended up with Talkdesk, a Gartner leading CCaaS vendor.

CXponent then provided service order validation, negotiated an additional 10% off of the previous offer, and advocated for better contract terms. CXponent also provided implementation advisory on FMB’s business requirements to support a seamless go-live.

The omni-channel CCaaS platform provides FMB with business software that customer support can rely on and allows them to better manage the customer experience cross all channels. Talkdesk’s products include omnichannel ACD/IVR, QA, and AI transcription for analytics

Reduced Risk
FMB started their evaluation with over 10 vendors, and the more they researched, the harder it was to tell which products and vendors were the best fit for their size and regulatory requirements. CXponent validated the vendor’s verbal commitments into a service order and contract that reflected their expectations.

Accelerated Implementation
The primary call center went live within 30 days of signature by preparing for the implementation while finalizing the contract

No Advisory Cost to First Mid Bank
Leveraging CXponent’s partner ecosystem, FMB selected CXponent to finalize the vendor, products, and implementation approach with $10k of advisory value


  • First Mid Bank’s Support department was dependent on IT and their hosted telephony vendor for basic administrative tasks
  • First Mid Bank’s growth strategy is primarily through acquisition, and there was previously no confidence to integrate any acquisitions onto their old platform
  • There were limited capabilities in e-mail, chat, SMS and reporting to improve CX over time
  • FMB is a community bank that values it’s relationships and direct connection with it’s customers, and outages were impacting their ability to support those customers
  • The existing hosted contact center provider was so unreliable and challenging for agents, they celebrated go-live on Talkdesk with a party and custom cake!

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First Mid Bank