Trust. It is a funny word. It is one of those words that is almost impossible to define without using the word itself. It is also one the most important elements for any successful business or business endeavor – including the buying process.

Before we get too esoteric, let’s take a step back – what IS the definition of trust? 

There are a few different definitions but a very simple, universally understandable one is:  

Trust is choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another person’s actions.  

When we place trust in systems, companies, products and services, and each other, we are inherently risking something of value by making it vulnerable to the actions of another;  whether that is our family’s health and wellbeing by choosing to trust food companies; choosing to trust our live’s in the hand of surgeons and surgical nurses; or in the case of business choosing to trust our vendors and partners with the financial and long-term success of our companies, teams, and co-workers and even the trajectory of our own careers. 

We know that when you are entering into a buying decision, trust can feel like something in short supply. It is very difficult to know what information to trust and who to trust.  

And, we have some very specific points of view about how trust works.

We understand that Trust is a choice. 

At CXponent, we believe that all four types of trust are the foundational elements for a smooth buying process. Starting with your trust in us! We know it can be another relationship to manage. The one with us. But, not only are we here to build trust with you and help reduce overall risk, we are also poised and ready to help you build trust internally with your team and externally with all parties involved.

We are the best path to get you to a partnership with a vendor you trust, build internal alignment and trust with your team, and make sure that 

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