“Data doesn’t lie. You don’t actually need to return to the office.”

How to use data to improve call center operational excellence and RTO with purpose and not for the sake of routine.

Guest Speaker: Sinéad Aylward is a transformation leader. She is responsible for strategic planning, design, delivery and operation of a cloud-first, SAAS, modernized customer experience (IVR/ progressive dialer/ chat/ email/sms) including consolidated reporting, quality management, workforce management, AI, Automation and analytics.

Date: May 24, 2022

Time: 12:00 p.m. CT

Location: Virtual Meeting

Our goal with these live virtual sessions is to have a member of the club lead the discussion on a specific topic in the first half and open the floor to questions in the second half with the assistance of a moderator.

Because of the purpose of the group, we recommend turning your cameras on, while we mute microphones for all participants, to easily connect the name to a face during the discussions. Question for the second half can be submitted in the chat if you choose to ask anonymously OR the moderator will call you up to unmute and ask you question directly.

Meetings are recorded for a general audience. Audio is available as podcast episodes wherever you get your podcasts. The full videos are available on the Catalyst Club Podcast YouTube Channel.